Ongoing Projects: Call for Models!

Since I’m almost always looking for models for something I figured keeping an up-to-date call on my blog was the best way to go. Email or send a message to if you are interested in any of them.

Here are some projects I currently need faces (& bodies) for:

• People who are going to be turning 21 sometime before 2016. This is open to anyone in North America.
• People who actively use the app Tinder to meet (and hook up with) people.
• A pregnant woman who plans to do an open adoption (and the adoptive family).
• Twins!
• Maids
• Single parent families with multiple children
• Individuals with lung cancer/emphysema due to smoking.
• Families who have one member of the family who is very different than the rest
•Transgender individuals/those in the process of transitioning
• Poly families
• Web cam models
• Individuals comfortable with modeling fully nude [all ages/sizes/genders/etc]• African American albino individuals
• Blonde, pale children

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